Fineagles’ Cutting-Edge Machinery: Precision, Innovation, and Efficiency

February 15, 2024by Fineagles

Welcome to the heart of Fineagles—a realm where steel coils transform into architectural marvels, where every weld whispers innovation, and where precision isn’t just a goal—it’s our compass.

We unravel the intricate machinery that shapes our future—PIR panels, EPS panels, and more. From the Advanced Uncoiler Machine to the Corona System, each component plays a symphony of efficiency. So fasten your seatbelts; we’re about to explore the science, the engineering, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Fineagles’ Advanced Uncoiler Machine: Precision at Its Core

Precision in Sandwich Panel Production Line

At Fineagles, precision isn’t just a goal—it’s the heartbeat of our production lines. Let’s dive into the marvel that is our Advanced Uncoiler Machine:

Centering Device Excellence

Our uncoiler boasts a centering device—a technological marvel that ensures the coil unwinds with pinpoint accuracy. No more manual adjustments; the coil glides seamlessly, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

200mm Adjustable Feature

Fineagles takes precision to the next level. Our uncoiler offers a 200mm adjustable capability. Fine-tune, align, and handle materials with surgical precision.

Fineagles’ Upper Roll Forming Machine: Shaping Excellence

Fineagles’ Upper Roll Forming Machine: Shaping Excellence

In the heart of our production floor, the Upper Roll Forming Machine reigns supreme:

Precision Engineering

Picture an elongated, rectangular machine—the orange base anchoring a symphony of rollers. These gleaming cylinders shape robust metal sheets as they glide through the process. Precision is our anthem.

Safety First

Safety railings encircle the machine. We’re serious about operator well-being. Every design detail incorporates safety protocols. No compromises.

Now, let’s zoom in on the intricacies:

  1. Side Guide: Critical and unwavering. The side guide ensures materials follow the intended path, minimizing deviations during shaping.
  2. Pinch Roll: Gripping power personified! The pinch roll secures materials, ensuring seamless transformation.
  3. Shearing: The final act—the shearing mechanism slices through materials, delivering precise cuts and clean edges. Excellence, down to the micron.

Fineagles’ Lower Roll Forming & Travers Machine: Precision in Motion


Behold the Lower Roll Forming & Travers Machine—where precision meets motion:

Sawtooth Rail

This rail guides materials with unwavering accuracy. Without it, precisely centering the bottom roll forming machine becomes a daunting task. Safety stoppers stand guard, preventing mishaps.

Corona System Partnership

Remember our Corona system? The PU Primer System complements it. Together, they ensure adhesion endures—no weak links, no separations.

Fineagles’ machinery isn’t just equipment; it’s the backbone of innovation. Precision, innovation, and efficiency—woven into every weld, every roller. We shape the future, one panel at a time.

We appreciate your interest in Fineagles’ production line features and technology. Stay tuned for comprehensive details—we’re committed to sharing the intricacies that set us apart.


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