Fineagles’ Sandwich Panel Production Line: Precision and Efficiency

November 16, 2023by Fineagles

In the dynamic realm of construction, sandwich panels have emerged as a frontrunner, captivating the industry with their exceptional thermal insulation properties, unmatched durability, and remarkable versatility. Fineagles, a pioneer in sandwich panel production technology, stands out with its cutting-edge machinery, transforming the manufacturing process into a symphony of precision and efficiency. Embark on an enlightening journey to unravel the intricacies of the Fineagles Sandwich Panel Production Line and uncover its immense potential.


1. Uncoiler and Coil Car: Uncoiling with Unwavering Accuracy

The uncoiling process marks the genesis of a sandwich panel. Fineagles’ Uncoiler and Coil Car orchestrate this crucial step with remarkable precision. Hydraulic cylinders collaborate with powerful motors to meticulously control the unwinding process, preventing any sudden surges or over-uncoiling.

2. Roll Forming Machine: Imparting the Desired Profile

The roll forming machine assumes the responsibility of transforming the uncoiled steel sheets into the desired profile for the sandwich panel. With unwavering accuracy, it meticulously shapes the forms for both sides of the lower coil, while simultaneously forming the roof ribs and cold room panels.

3. Pre-Heating: Enhancing Adhesion for Robust Bonding

Before the foaming process unfolds, the steel sheets undergo meticulous pre-heating. This essential step activates the polyurethane (PUR), the adhesive that binds the panel together, ensuring a robust and long-lasting bond between the steel sheet and the PU foam.

4. Foaming Portal and PU Pouring: A Symphony of Uniform Distribution

The foaming portal and PU pouring unit orchestrate a delicate ballet, evenly distributing the PUR mixture onto the lower facing layer of the sandwich panel. The oscillating movement of the mixing head, powered by an A.C servo motor, ensures an optimal application of the PUR mixture across the panel’s width, guaranteeing a uniform and consistent foam layer.

5. PU Metering Machine: The Precision Conductor

The PU metering machine stands as the maestro of the production line, meticulously measuring and dispensing the various components of the PUR foam with surgical precision. These components include iso, polyol, catalysts, and blowing agents, each playing a critical role in the foam’s properties. The panel’s quality hinges on the accuracy and performance of this precision instrument.

6. Double Belt Conveyor: A Synchronized Dance for Uniform Curing

The double belt conveyor choreographs a synchronized dance, ensuring the upper and lower facing layers move in unison during the curing process. This harmonious movement promotes uniform curing of the PUR foam, resulting in a panel with consistent and reliable properties.

7. Cross Cutter: Precision Tailoring to Exact Specifications

The cross cutter emerges as a master tailor, meticulously cutting the sandwich panels to the desired length with unwavering precision. Its cutting speed seamlessly aligns with the panel conveying speed, ensuring accurate and efficient cutting. The gantry-mounted saw unit, operated manually or automatically, offers the flexibility to cater to diverse production needs.

8. Cooling Conveyor: Tempering the PIR Panels for Optimal Properties

For PIR sandwich panels, the cooling conveyor plays an indispensable role. As PIR foam undergoes a high-temperature reaction, the cooling conveyor gently lowers the panel’s temperature to room temperature, preventing any adverse effects on the panel’s properties, ensuring optimal performance.

9. Stacker: A Balancing Act of Efficiency for Smooth Flow

The stacker masters the art of balancing speed and efficiency, meticulously stacking the finished sandwich panels at the production speed. Its stacking rate meticulously matches the panel production speed, eliminating any bottlenecks and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted flow.

10. Packing Machine: A Protective Shield for Unparalleled Protection

The packing machine takes center stage as the final guardian, wrapping the sandwich panels in a protective cloak of PVC stretch wrap. This safeguard ensures the panels remain pristine and undamaged during transportation and storage, arriving at their destination in impeccable condition.

Fineagles: Your Indispensable Partner in Sandwich Panel Production Excellence

Fineagles stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of sandwich panel production technology. Our unwavering commitment to quality, coupled with our team of experts, empowers us to provide comprehensive solutions that empower our customers to produce panels that surpass expectations. With Fineagles as your partner, you can be confident that you are.


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