Fineagles: Where Innovation Meets Precision in Sandwich Panel Production Line

February 1, 2024by Fineagles

In the competitive world of sandwich panel production, quality reigns supreme. Fineagles, however, doesn’t simply settle for “good enough.” They leverage cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail to create production lines that consistently deliver superior panels. At Fineagles, Innovation Meets Precision in Sandwich Panel Production Line, their commitment to innovation sets them apart, empowering manufacturers to produce panels with unmatched quality, durability, and reliability.

From Coil to Finished Panel: A Journey of Precision

Right from the start, Fineagles ensures accuracy with their unique coil centering device. This eliminates alignment issues, preventing problems down the line that could compromise panel quality. Their lower roll forming machine utilizes a specialized rail and stopper system, guaranteeing precise positioning for consistently flat panels.

However, Fineagles understands that quality hinges on more than just mechanics. They employ a high-frequency corona treatment system to enhance adhesion between the coil and PU foam, a crucial step for PIR panels prone to separation. Additionally, their proprietary PU primer system further strengthens this bond, ensuring the panel’s structural integrity.

But innovation doesn’t stop there. Fineagles boasts a revolutionary “No Jam Mixing Head”, a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement. This technology eliminates the risk of clogging, a common issue that can disrupt production and affect panel quality.

Built to Last: Durability Through Design

Fineagles understands that longevity matters. Their slat plates are crafted from special heat-treated steel, enabling them to withstand the demanding pressure of PU foaming for over 20 years. This stands in stark contrast to competitor plates that often deform within a year.

Furthermore, their meticulous side guide design ensures precise positioning of PE blocks, guaranteeing consistent panel width and eliminating quality variations. They employ a double conveyor tension unit that automatically maintains optimal belt tension, preventing panel defects and ensuring smooth operation.

But Fineagles doesn’t just focus on individual components. They understand the importance of a holistic approach. Their movable frame accommodates thermal expansion within the double conveyor, preserving panel flatness even at high temperatures. Additionally, their tension control cylinder automatically regulates side block expansion, preventing chain breakage and ensuring smooth operation.

Even seemingly minor details matter. Their screw jack up and down system enables precise height adjustment of the double conveyor, guaranteeing accurate panel thickness. Moreover, their rails are heat-treated, ensuring they maintain the flatness of the conveyor and panels over an extended lifespan, unlike untreated rails that warp and compromise quality over time.

Beyond Technology: Additional Advantages

Innovation extends beyond machinery. Fineagles utilizes PE plate cooling conveyors that offer smooth panel movement without damage, unlike the rubber foam or sponges used by some competitors. Additionally, their double conveyors arrive pre-assembled, minimizing potential damage and ensuring accuracy during installation.

The Fineagles Difference: A Commitment to Excellence

By meticulously crafting each component and integrating innovative solutions, Fineagles empowers manufacturers to produce exceptional sandwich panels with confidence. Their technology reflects their unwavering dedication to quality, setting new standards within the industry.



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