PU & PIR Foaming Machine
Sandwich Panel Production Line

One of the most important part of the sandwich panel line is the PU foaming machine.

Panel quality depends on the performance PU Foam machine.

The PU foaming machine consists of pump for:

  • Iso
  • Polyol
  •  Catalyst (1/2/3)
  •  Blowing agent (Pentane)

Depending on the number of catalysts used, the components of PU foam machine are determined. 4-6 component foam machines are mostly used. This is a high pressure polyurethane foam machine for sandwich panel production line.

4 Component with Pentane System

5 Component with Pentane System

Pentane Gas Suction System at Foaming Zone

Pentane Gas Suction System at Foaming Zone

Pentane Metering System & Safety Control

The PU foaming machine and Pentane Metering system use the pump and parts already verified. FINEAGLES uses only approved parts for all machinery.

Pentane, Iso & Polyol Storage Tanks

Pentane storage tank has a different regulation depending on the country.
Most countries require underground installation of pentane tanks. The pentane tank must be double-walled and safety control devices for leakage of pentane gas shall be installed. The pentane tanks have a capacity of about 30 to 40 kiloliters.

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