PU & PIR Sandwich Panel Production line

1. Uncoiler and Coil Car

  • Up & down-lift are achieved by the use of a hydraulic cylinder which moves right and left supported by 4 wheels by 4 wheels on a rail.
  • Two units are needed for Upper Coil and Lower Coil operation.
  • The steel sheet(coil) is mounted on an uncoiler by the coil car at which point 4 wedges are expanded, and then 4 wedges are expanded, fixed by hydraulic power, and then driven by a motor.
  •  A rubber roller is mounted above the uncoiler for the purpose of preventing the coil (steel sheet) from suddenly uncoiling and over-uncoiling in motion.

2. Roll Forming Machine

  • The upper roll forming unit is primarily responsible for shaping the forms of both sides     of the lower coil (steel sheet) for the use of roof & wall (incl. Inner) panels’ joint parts.
  • The Lower roll forming unit forms, Roof 4 rib and SS (Cold room) panel
  • Type for installation are moveable rail type
  • Roll driving is gear box type.

3. Pre Heating

  • This unit is used for preheating the upper and lower steel sheet to a moderate temperature after roll forming process.As polyurethane
  • reacts chemically under moderate heat, the heating process for the steel sheet activates PUR and make the adhesive strength between the steel sheet and PU foam stronger.

4. Foaming Portal and PU Pouring

  • The oscillating movement of the mixing head is essential to achieve an optimum application of the PUR-mixture onto the lower facing layer.
  • The mixing head is actuated by means of an A.C servo motor and its toothed belt enables a free programmable oscillating movement across the total panel width.
  •  There is no noise from the movement of the Foaming Portal.

5. PU Metering Machine

One of the most important part of the sandwich panel line is the PU foaming machine.

Panel quality depends on the performance PU machine.

The PU foaming machine consists of pump for:

  • Iso
  • Polyol
  •  Catalyst (1/2/3)
  •  Blowing agent (Pentane)

Depending on the number of catalysts used, the components of PU machine are determined. 4-6 component machines are mostly used.

6. Double Belt Conveyor

  •  PU foam component mixture applied to the lower facing layer is conveyed in a synchronization motion with the upper facing layer along the double belt for curing.
  • This unit is a crucial part and plays a core role in ensuring the highest standards of sandwich panels.
  • This unit principally consists of driving motion, upper and lower slats, a hydraulic cylinder or screw motos to contain the rising pressure and a side guide and dice block to prevent PUR foam from leaking out of the sides.

Heating system for double conveyor

  •  PU foam dispensed between the upper and lower coil has the perfect chemical reaction and curing process at regular temperature.
  • This unit is designed for providing a heated air to maintain a regular temperature for such process.

Side Guide and PE Block System

  • This unit is designed for preventing PU foam from leaking out of panel lateral by PE blocks and maintaining uniform foaming while double belt conveyor presses PU foaming pressure and conveys PU panel.

7. Cross cutter (Band saw + Disk saw)

  • The perfect cutting unit has to have the cutting speed is synchronized with the panel conveying speed.
  •  This cutting unit has to be also operated by the manual or automatic control.
  •  The gantry is set at the rear and the saw unit is positioned at the right-hand side as viewed from direction of production.

8. Cooling conveyor

  • When customer want to produce PIR panel, this cooling conveyor is necessary to cool down the heat of PU panel.
  • In the production of PIR panel, which is produced a lot recently, as it reacts at higher temperature and generates more heat than general PU panel, cooling conveyor to cool the panel just produced down gradually at room temperature is needed.

9. Stacker

  •  This process is designed to stack finished panels efficiently at the production speed.
  •  It is very important that the stacking speed should not be slower than panel production speed.
  •  It is possible to stack panels by an automatic or manual operation.

10. Packing Machine (PVC Wrapping)

  • This process is designed to pack panels bondless by use of PVC stretch wraps before final delivery

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