All what you need to know about The Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line

September 15, 2023by Fineagles

In the realm of construction and insulation, the Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line stands as a testament to technological innovation and efficiency. At Fineagles Advance Engineering, we take pride in presenting this remarkable piece of machinery that seamlessly integrates mechanisms, electrical controls, hydraulic systems, and polyurethane chemical reaction technology.

Revolutionizing Efficiency

One of the defining features of the Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line is its high level of automation. The entire system is controlled by an advanced computer integration system that combines digital servo technology, frequency conversion vector technology, and hydraulic controls. This integration facilitates seamless connectivity, data collection, and management. Moreover, it enables continuous production without the need for machine stops, ensuring a fully automated and efficient process.

The Need for Speed

Efficiency is further demonstrated through the production speed of this machine, which operates at an impressive 3 to 8 meters per minute (adjustable according to product specifications). When calculated on the basis of 250 workdays per year and 10 work hours per day, this translates to an annual production capacity of up to 800,000 square meters—an astonishing figure that underscores the productivity of this production line.

User-Friendly Operation

Ease of operation is another hallmark of the Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line. It features a user-friendly control system, allowing operators to input the necessary parameters after preparing the raw materials and fulfilling other production requirements. Once the parameters are set, the machine operates automatically, making it accessible even to those without extensive technical expertise.

Economical Production

For businesses, cost-effectiveness is paramount. By enhancing automation, this production line reduces the need for manual labor. With only 5 to 8 operators required to oversee the entire process, companies can save significantly on labor and production management costs. This economic advantage adds to the overall appeal of the Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line.

Leading Technological Advancements

Zhejiang Jinggong Science and Technology Co., LTD. is at the forefront of this technology. They have independently researched, developed, and manufactured the PU/Rockwool sandwich panel continuous production line, achieving a level of sophistication that rivals global standards. This achievement marks the era of localization in PU/rock wool sandwich panel continuous production line manufacturing.

A Fully Integrated Solution

The PU/rock wool sandwich panel continuous production line comprises various components, from the coiler system and film cutting to roll forming and packaging. It offers a comprehensive, fully integrated solution, automating everything from the decoiling of pre-painted steel sheets to the final packaging of products. This automation ensures precision and consistency throughout the production process.


Global Impact

The success story of this production line extends beyond borders. It has found homes in countries like Jordan, Kuwait, Tunisia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, the UAE, India, and more. The positive feedback and unanimous approval from customers speak volumes about its performance and reliability.

Building a Sustainable Future

As the construction industry evolves, PU side seal rock wool sandwich panels are poised to play a more prominent role in sustainable building solutions. Jinggong Science and Technology is committed to providing top-quality products and exceptional service to customers worldwide, contributing to both national and global environmental protection and energy conservation.

At Fineagles Advance Engineering, we take pride in offering a platform to explore the world of precision in sandwich panel manufacturing. Contact us today to discover how the Rockwool Sandwich Panel Production Line can revolutionize your construction and insulation projects, making them more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.


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